Fun Friday Post – The Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse

In honour of Montreal comicon this weekend, we decided to create ourselves in the image of some popular comic canon. We decided to play on the comicon theme by turning ourselves into marketing and advertising superheroes, using the forces of on-point strategy and unequivocal execution. With that, we present to you our version of the Justice League, the Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse:

The Partners:

Brendan Sera-Shriar AKA Grumpy Beard
You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, but give him some scrum cake and you’ll see what a great guy he is!

digi as grumpy beardBrendan Tully Walsh AKA Green Lantern
He doesn’t need a lantern to save lives and keep marketing fun – all he needs is his guitar!

tully as green lanternStaff:

Moniba Ali AKA Spiderwoman
Moniba weaves secure webs of code that trap clicks like nobody’s business.

moniba as spidermanLeila Nathaniel AKA Elektra
The only thing mercenary about me is my use of time and resources!

leila as elektraDrew Everret AKA Batman
He’s the sales and marketing guy Horse & Cart deserves (which is to say – awesome!)

drew as batmanJosh Camire AKA The Monarch
Ruler of the butterflies, his designs sting like a bee (as in, they are venomously legit).josh as the monarchPaula Washington AKA Catwoman
Strategic like a cat, Paula’s got your back in terms of marketing strategy!paula as catwoman Lisa Temes AKA Wonder Woman
She may not have an invisible airplane, but Lisa’s designs hone in on our clients’ needs as though she had ensnared them with Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.lisa as wonder womanInterns:

Maxime Le Noë AKA The Spirit
The Spirit is a vigilante that the cops like and admire, not to mention he’s a true gentleman, pretty great qualities for an intern to have!   max as the spiritArmando Bajares AKA Atom Ant
“Up and at ’em Atom Ant” Armando is fast, strong and seems pretty invulnerable too!

armando as atom antGhalia Dawood as Supergirl
As Superman’s protégé, Supergirl can’t fight crime openly until Superman deems her ready – which is exactly why Ghalia is interning with us to learn more about keeping marketing fun!

ghalia as super girl…And that’s all folks! See you there!

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