Fun Friday Post – Our Favourite End of the World Movies

I dunno about you, but with Ebola potentially in Canada now, this whole enterovirus D68 thing, and this recent report  on how the earth has lost half its wildlife in the last 40 years, we’re starting to think the world is on its way out. So without further ado, we bring you some of the gang’s favourite end of the world movies:

Digi starts us off with a classic, Mad Max. When there will be no civilization, there will be no heroes.

Armando has got two choices: The Road and World War Z. The Road represents what we all expect will happen when the world ends and just a few remain on earth after the worst has happened.

Meanwhile World War Z shows how the end of the could actually happen.
Josh stole my choice: 28 Days Later, where a mysterious virus spreads with no cure. The survivors try to find sanctuary.Drew‘s choice is I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, being his usual badass hero self.Leila has chosen a terrible D-list cheesy horror film by the great Canadian horror-film maker, David Cronenberg, Rabid. Fun fact for locals, part of it was filmed in Montreal in the Cavendish Mall parking lot!

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