Fun Friday Post – Our Favourite Halloween Pranks!

sun-o-lanternHalloween is not just about collecting candy with the kiddies. It’s also about scaring the s**t out of people! Even the Sun got in on the fun this year turning itself into a sun o’ lantern 🙂

Every year YouTubers take Halloween pranks to the next level and we can’t help but laugh at other peoples fear. As a lead up to the spookiest week of the year we’d like to share with you our favourite Halloween pranks – enjoy!

Chainsaw Massacre – The Poet

What better than a retelling, in prank format, of one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Set in a parking lot the “VitalydTV” team put the fear of god into these unsuspecting passers-by …

Friday the 13th – The Saint

Another great retelling, in prank format, of classic horror. Who doesn’t like a good Jason Voorhees prank? This is a classic set up – lake, country, and hockey mask – priceless! You gotta love the “hero” in the first clip who throws the girl into the water as he runs in fear. If that is, or should I say was, his girlfriend? What a lucky girl!

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise – Leila

Who can forget last years telekinetic coffee shop prank? It was one of the most viral videos of the year with close to 60 million views to date on YouTube and climbing. In this prank a young girl in a coffee shop has telekinetic powers that she unwilling uses on a man who spills coffee on her inspiring ultimate fear in those “lucky” enough to have walked into to the set up. On a side note, you gotta love the woman at roughly 1:42 who is screaming while filming it on her phone 🙂

Drive Thru Invisible Driver – Lisa

Really? Gurl! Hello? Are you serious? This is a classic halloween prank, or prank in general, and we’ve seen many iterations of it over the years. It never fails to inspire fear in the form of laughter.

Devil Baby Attack – Moniba

Ok, not really a Halloween prank, but a really good piece of prankvertising that scared the s**t out of New Yorkers, which is not an easy task. Back in January of this year the “DevilsDueNYC” team set up a prank on the streets of Manhattan for the upcoming movie Devils Due. They built a fully animatronic devil baby and remote controlled stroller for this prank. Oh, and at roughly 1:35 the baby gives the finger to the NYPD 🙂

Killer Clown Returns – Drew

Another great pre-halloween prank from the “DmPranksProductions” team. This is one in a series of pranks that features a psycho killer clown. The music box is a classic touch and just the right thing to reel people in. I’m sure these guys have something incredible planned for Halloween.

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