Fun Friday Post – Fake Stock Photos from Unstock

If you haven’t heard of and used Unsplash, it’s a pity. They have changed the meaning of stock photos for us by providing free, high-quality and useful but not cheesy stock images to the masses. Until now, it’s been our best-kept secret.

Besides being free, hi-resolution and beautiful images, Unsplash ensures attribution for photographers, so their photos aren’t stolen without getting linked back. And the images are under a Creative Commons Zero license, meaning that the images can be used for almost any purpose!

img1So today, Horse & Cart present our satirical homage to a site that makes looking for stock photos exciting and interesting instead of boring and cringe-worthy: Unstock. With typical images such as group worker high-five and other typically cheesy shots, we’ve taken all of the work out of choosing a stock image for your next blog post about the office, your next hero image of cheesy colleagues working together and collaborating, and more. The possibilities are endless!

stock-photo-36411644-african-businessman-with-group-of-businesspeopleHave a look at our take on typical stock images. They’re perfectly plastic and totally useable in a corporate capacity (but seriously, we don’t recommend using these in any serious endeavors). Whether for work or play, these pictures will keep your audience laughing. Behold: the beauty of the stock image!

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday Post – Fake Stock Photos from Unstock

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