Fun Friday Post – Our Favourite Language Converters

Around here, we’re no strangers to fun tools, like great lorem ipsum or hilarious stock photos, and now we bring you our favourite fake translation sites for when you want your copy to have extra pizzazz. Share them with your favourite writers and see how much they’ll enjoy them!


You already knew about Gizoogle, the gangsta search engine, right? Well now you can translate your site into “gangsta” all day, any day! (NSFW)

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.59.19 PMThe Dialectizer

Here’s a little known tool that works similarly to Gizoogle. With the Dialectizer, you can choose from dialects such as “redneck”, “jive”, “cockney”, “Elmer Fudd”, Swedish Chef”, “moron”, “pig Latin” and even “hacker”!


Can’t understand how teenagers text? Need to translate some kid’s email? Try Lingo2Word, which will change your plain old English into exciting 1337!

NadsatNavspeak like in A Clockwork Orange

Loved the turns of phrase and crazy language in A Clockwork Orange? Now your site can read like the famous novel by Anthony Burgess – like crazy Russian gangsters.

The Corporate B.S. Generator

Ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of corporate jargon? Fret no more, now you too can write, speak and B.S. like the rest of them with the Corporate B.S. Generator.

speak like a piratePirate-to-English translator

And lastly, this link would not be complete without being able to translate your text into pirate-speak! Arrrggghhh matey!

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