Fun Friday Post – We Bring You Sock Sock Jokes

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.20.28 PMYou’ve heard of knock knock jokes, right? They’re a bit silly, very punny and usually good to share with an all-ages group. When you need to lighten up a crowd, especially at a family gathering, knock knock jokes can often do the trick.

As we’ve just started working with Canadian sock designer and manufacturer, Socks by William and in anticipation of a photo shoot, we’ve got an office filled with socks. We’ve been having lots of fun with them, using them to bundle up for winter, wrap gifts, and generally enjoying these high-quality garments. Even though they’re meant for men, the ladies of Horse & Cart have been enjoying them too!

And so we’d like to introduce you to “William” our sock-puppet host who generates “sock sock” jokes upon demand! Share these corny but tasteful jokes at your next holiday party and knock everyone’s socks off with laughter šŸ˜‰

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 1.08.28 PMAnd even though this one isn’t a “sock sock” joke, I just had to share it:

Q: What kind of socks does a pirate wear?

A: Arrrrrgyle!

Go get your sock sock jokes on!

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